What is Naijacelebrity

You might have been thinking why we gave this blog the name Naijacelebrity.
Actually we believed that giving it the name Naijacelebrity would help portray whatever information you learn from this blog.

I would break it down and explain to you why we gave it that name.

Firstly Naija is a short form of Nigeria,most of our audience would be coming from Nigeria so that is why we made the word ‘Naija‘ the prefix,that is why you would see some Nigerians giving thier blogs a prefix ‘Naija‘.

Who is a celebrity.

I am sure you might have heard the name celebrity from your family, friends or even or social media.

A celebrity is someone who is very talented at something and has many fans who cherishes the person and what they do.

Different popular actors and actress, musicians, directors, producers, DJ’s, comedianse.t.c.

They could be called a celebrity because people love them and what’s they do.

For example someone who sings and has a melodious voice which people loves,so once the person starts getting more fans and followers, then you can call such person a celebrity.

How you can find a celebrity.

It is very simple to find a celebrity and the best way is through social media platforms.

You can just search for their handles via their username and if you want to contact them directly,I don’t think they would reply you because of the amount of messages they get on a daily basis.

I am sure that you can easily contact them via the contact information they put on thier bio incase people wants to contact them for bookings.

How to become a celebrity.

Becoming a celebrity isn’t a day work Bec you need to discover what you are good at and you need to overcome many challenges that comes your way but I would be explaining some few guidelines which would help you.

Make a Successful celebrity your mentor.

This depends on the field you are good at but if you can find a successful celebrity in your field,you can make such person your mentor, follow their good ways of life,learn from them.

Whenever you do something great,try tagging them and make sure they see it,once they see great potentials in you,they wouldn’t hesitate to help and train you.

All you need to do is just to be good a whatever you do and make sure they get to see it.

Be consistent and improve your talent.

Consistency is very important if you want to achieve something great,when you start at first,you might feel like quitting because you feel that whatever you are aiming for might not be successful.

If you are consistent and you keep training so as to improve your talent then you are in the right path.

Be nice to people.

If you are very talented and you aren’t nice to people, they won’t like you so it’s better you are nice to people when you are not yet a celebrity.

People see what you do,so if you behave well,they would cherish and appreciate you.



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