How to communicate with your fans fast as a celebrity

Not every celebrity has the opportunity to communicate with their fans because of their very tight schedules but there are various ways in which you can have a chat with your fans without having any difficulties.

Although you wouldn’t be able to chat with them at once but you can communicate with the ones who have very important messages to share.

Sometime most of the messages your fans would be sending might have to do with well wishing.

I would be explaining the various ways in which you can communicate with your fast as a celebrity.


Searching and filtering for important Keywords from chats on social messaging apps.

On a daily basis, celebrity gets many messages in their inbox, and they hardly even open one because it’s quite stressful to view and reply all fans messages.

As a celebrity, to know the very important messages,you can just make use of the search and filtering tools on the social messaging apps like instagram.

Although not every social messaging app have these features but most have it.
There are some special Keywords you should look out for especially the one that has to be with business.

For example most celebrity are usually contacted for events, concerts,stage performances and ambassadorship deals.

A celebrity can just search for those Keywords and filter the chats containing those Keywords to give a reply fast.
Once they are done and they still have more time,they could start searching for other less important Keywords like greetings.

Set a specific free day.

As a celebrity,there are some peculiar days in which you are always free,you could just fix a day like that to have a chat with some of your fans.

Before starting,you can just make it to known to your fans that they should only message you on very important stuffs.
Although some would still want to send you wishes and greetings personally but after making a notice,only few would do that.

 Hire a social media manager.

This is what some of the celebrities does this days,they create another social account having their names,then they hire a social media manager to manage such accounts,that way the fans could easily send a message thinking they are chatting with the celebrity not knowing that they are just chatting with a social media manager.
The social media manager should also posses good communication skills so as to chat with the fans responsibly without having to cause any issues.

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