5 new ways to make a celebrity reply your messages fast in 2021

I have heard people talk about celebrity not replying people messages on their social Media platforms but have you think of the amount of persons who sends them message in a day.

If they are to reply everybody, when will they have time for themselves.

People tend to message them on a daily basis to greet them,ask for their help,tell them to follow you e.t.c.

Most of them do have social media manager who helps them to manage their account and those people tend to ignore messages.

In this article,i would teach you how to make celebrity reply your profile fast.

1. Make your profile professional.

Most of them do scroll through their chats to pick fans to reply to randomly and one of the things that might attract to checking your messages if your profile especially if you have a cool profile picture.

Before sending a celebrity a message,make sure you profile looks professional because that would tell them that you are real and original because they might intend on replying your message but if they discover that your profile look fake,they might not reply you and may eventually block you.

Also make sure your bio have quality information about you because that would tell such celebrity that you are transparent.

2. Keep sending message daily if they don’t reply.

Although this might look spammy because you are disturbing such celebrity with your message,if after three trials, they don’t still reply you then I think you should look for other alternatives.

If you send them a message for the first time and they don’t reply your messages,wait for about 2 days,then send another message,this would attract such celebrity telling them that you might be trying to tell them something important.

3. Make use of hashtags.

Hashtags are very powerful in getting celebrity attention because they tend to check the hashtags they created to check what people are saying about them.

When making use of hashtags,you can also tag some of the celebrity following that same celebrity you want to reply your messages because one of them could see your message via hashtag then pass the information to the real celebrity.

4. The comment section.

This is one of the best place you can have the chance to get the attention of a celebrity.

For this to be accommodated,you need to be active and make sure you are getting notified once a celebrity drops a new post so that you can be among the first 10 that makes a comment on their post,they would see those comments first.

You can indirectly tell them to reply your message in their inbox via the comment section.

5. Message them through the contact informations on their profile.

Most celebrity especially the musician do add thier mobile number or thier mail address on their profile to make sure people can be able to reach out to them fast.

Click their profile and check for any contact information in which you can contact them on.

When contacting them,be serious and be straightforward because most of them doesn’t have time for other discussions.

6. Contact their managers.

As i said earlier,most of these celebrity do have a manager who help them manage some things which they might not have time for.

You can just look for their managers through their social media pages,then contact them and give your message.
They would surely pass your message to the celebration if it is something important.

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