4 things to learn from Nigeria celebrities that helps them gain more popularity.

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  • 4 things to learn from Nigeria celebrities that helps them gain more popularity.

There are hundreds of celebrities in Nigeria in different industries that are doing well.




So in this article, I would be listing and explaining some common things that you can learn from Nigerian celebrities that make them grow and become more popular.





I actually did thorough research which took me some weeks before I came to a conclusion because I checked some pieces of information about them on how they became successful.




What you should know is that if you decide to learn these things from them, you must also be talented because it is mainly your talent that would help you grow and become popular, then other qualities can help your talent.





For example, if you are someone that is talented but you didn’t take any steps towards developing yourself or you don’t seem to be consistent in what you are doing, you might not get anywhere, you need to do something that would make your talent visible to the world, I would be talking about that in the next article.






As a celebrity, you would surely have people that dislike you, at the same time you would have people to love you and the truth is that your fans can really detect your behavior on how you react to people post or the way you give reply to other celebrity comment and post.





For example, if one of your fans makes a beautiful portrait of you and shared it on social media platforms just to get your attention if you ignore it and didn’t commend that person, your other fans would know and may start disliking you.





1. Making friends with top celebrities.



Almost all the new celebrities do this, they would try to move with other top celebrities just to get more popularity.




For example, a new musician would just be got popular due to a song would want to do a collabo with other top musicians so that he can become more popular because he or she knows that other top celebrities have a lot of fans so they would want to use that opportunity to gain more fans.



The same goes for people who do comedy that is having more popularity, they would try to feature a popular comedian in one of their skits so that their videos can get more fans.




Am sure that you might have seen a movie in which two are more celebrities are being featured, that movie would surely make great sales because people would be eager to watch a movie like that.




If you are an up celebrity that wants to gain more popularity, you can try these too.




2. Active Social media handle.



There are some celebrities that don’t do without making up to 10 posts on their social media handles daily.

They would just post something about them or whatever is happening about them e.t.c.



Some of them go to the extent of creating TikTok videos just to make their social pages active with engagement.
That’s why they gain more fans would follow them.



For example, there is a Nigerian celebrity named don jazzy, he is a very funny man on Instagram, he do use himself to do funny things and people love it, with what he does daily, he gets thousands of followers daily and he does it to make people happy.



3. Venturing into other businesses.



Some celebrities especially female celebrities do venture into other businesses and make use of their audience to boost their sales.




They are getting money with their talents but they feel that they could venture into other things to boost their financial status.




Some celebrities do create a brand and sell products like creams and some could venture into real estate management.



What is more common among celebrities is making money through advertisement, people pay them to advertise their products and services or help them grow their social accounts.




Some celebrities prefer ambassadorship deals to all these mere advertisements because they believe that it is more formal.



4. Tv shows and concerts.



When celebrities attend different tv shows in which they are told to give opinions or discuss their personal life, it makes them gain more popularity because people tend to like their lifestyle.




Tv shows help increase their popularity because there are some people who don’t have a smartphone or don’t engage in social media platforms but they are able to watch TV shows to see them.




Aside from concerts organized by the celebrities themselves, they can also go ahead to perform in any other concert to which they are invited to.




They can also visit other countries to do a concert there so they can have more fans who love and cherish them

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