3 ways to make a celebrity follow your social media pages.

Many see it as a huge victory when a celebrity follows them on their social media handles,it makes them feel very special and it helps drive more followers to their social media handles.

For example if someone like Wizkid follow you on Instagram,you would surely be happy and you would also get more followers.

Having a celebrity follow you is very difficult because the celebrity themselves doesn’t like following random people, they follow other celebrity like them and other influential people.

The question is how can you make them follow you and i would be giving details explanation below.

1. Be very active.

Many celebrity do know their very active followers and they tend to always follow them.
The question is how can you be active,I don’t mean you should be active 24 hours on social media.

To be active,you need to always like,share and comment on every of the celebrity post, if possible you can also repost whatever they have posted then give credit via their username or hashtags.

When you are doing it consistently, they would notice you are try rewarding you by following you back.

2. Join every competition they create.

Some celebrity especially artiste do organize competition on their social pages whenever they release a new song or music videos.
Then they would give a certain reward to the winners, this is one of the best way to get not just only one celebrity following you but many celebrity following.

If you join such competition and your performance was awesome,it would attract more followers and some celebrity to follow you.

3. Book an appointment.

If you want them to follow you officially,then you need to book an appointment with them but you must have a candid reason why they have to follow you.

For example,you could be a brand that needs influencers to help you increase your sales,you could just book an appointment with a celebrity, then explain everything telling him to follow you on your social pages.

Although this doesn’t work Everytime but it works most of the time.

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