3 ways a celebrity can show love to their fans and followers

Should a celebrity show love to his or her fan?.

Well it’s depends on their decision but some wants to show love to their fans but they don’t just know how to do it.
In this article,I would be explaining 3 best ways a celebrity can show love to their fans.

1. Doing giveaways weekly or monthly.

Fans love giveaways and as a good celebrity you have to do cash or airtime giveaways daily or weekly for your fans.

Although not everyone of them wants giveaways because some are financially stable and do not want giveaways.

Whereas, there are some who are always waiting for giveaways and would try their best to make sure they win such giveaways.

As a celebrity,you don’t have to do the giveaways yourself,you can just hire a social media manager to do that for you and try to make sure the person is doing it fairly without cheating.

It should also be a giveaway that your fans wouldn’t need to stress themselves,it should be something very easy.

2. Always appreciate them.

Your fans are the ones who made you a celebrity because of their love, affections and support for you.

They helped you attained your current status because they love and supported your talents.

For example if a musician release a new song,he or she could sell it to earn a good amount of money,those that will purchase those songs are the fans.

A celebrity should always learn to love and appreciate their followers and fans.

3. Be willing to help and support your fans.

Among your fans,there would surely be one or two persons who needs your help and support and would try to contact you.
As a celebrity,you shouldn’t ignore such fan because they could help you in one way or the other in the future.
Although you can’t satisfy and help all of them but you should try to help one or two.
For example you can decide to donate money for the success of a development which would benefit your fans.

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