2 reasons why celebrity endorsement still works in 2021

Have you seen where some big companies start saying that they have endorsed a particular celebrity for their brand.

If you don’t know about it,it might not sound proper to but I would be explaining it in the article below.

What is Celebrity endorsement.

There are different meanings but i would break it down to your understanding.

Celebrity endorsement is when a company propose to a popular Celebrity who can help influence their brand because they want to benefit from the loyal fans such Celebrity has,then they make certain deals with such Celebrity who endorses the brand to their fans.

For example a celebrity like Davido is the brand ambassador of the infinix company, Davido endorses infinix and help promote the smartphones which the infinix company produce and help them make more sales.

There is also another type of endorsement in which a particular company which produces or sells products related to another company,then meet them to endorse their company,it’s more like partnership.

It’s just like a very big media company endorsing a travel company, the travel company enjoys a lot of benefits from the endorsement from the media company.

Reasons why celebrity endorsement still works.

I have heard some people say that celebrity endorsement isn’t effective any longer,I decided to do some researches and try to look at it from their point of view,then i discovered that it works most of the time if the endorsement is done properly.
For example if you meet a celebrity for an endorsement and such celebrity didn’t take it seriously, it might not be effective as it is supposed to be normally.

1. The great development on social media platforms.

People now spend most of their time on social media platforms and we know that celebrities are the ones who always have a lot of followers.

People spend more time on social media platforms than the time they use to browse.

Celebrity do have a very strong network when it comes to brand promotion especially celebrity who have very active fans who follow them on social media platforms.

When such celebrity help promotes a brand via their social media handles,it helps the brand because it brings more customers and make people believe more in the brand because a celebrity they love is recommending it to them.

2. It is an easy form of advertisement.

Some company no longer do brand advertisement on other platforms because they don’t always get the results they are looking for so they rather make use of a celebrity endorsement and sign a 2 to 3 years ambassadorship deals with them in other to have a long term brand promotion for their company.

When they do normal advertisement, they tend to spend more so they look out for an easy one that would promote the company.

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